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I am a Food Vendor.  Do I need a permit to participate in US Asian Fest?


Yes, all food vendors (selling and/or offering tastings) must have a Temporary Food Permit from Loudoun County Health Department. Click here for the application form and Guidelines


If you are in Virginia, and already have a food permit, you will still need to submit an application to the Health Department as a notice to participate in the event. Please make sure you submit the above application AND a copy of your food permit. Please email it to  


If you are not from Virginia, or do not have a permit, the cost for a Temporary Food permit is $40. Home Processed Foods (i.e. Cottage Foods) should contact the Health Department to confirm requirements.


For any assistance or questions about food permitting, please reach out to Tamara Shellenberger ( at Loudoun County Health Department. She is very helpful and can answer all of your questions about Food licenses and permits.


I do not have my own tent, table or chairs.  Where can I rent them?


We suggest calling Ace Party Rentals. They are located close to One Loudoun and easy to work with.

(703-753-2362 /


Folding Chairs                                                   Start at $1.10

6 ft. Tables                                                         $7.75

8 ft. Tables                                                         $8.75

10x10 tents are framed (pole, structured)         $130.00

They do not offer pop-up tents.


I do not have vendor insurance. Where can I get it?


All vendors are required to carry insurance coverage. Please review your application for the specific details.

Here are some options for obtaining vendor insurance:

  • Contact your business insurance provider

  • If you have Homeowners or Renters insurance, you may be able to add vendor insurance for your business.

  • There are a few online companies who also offer vendor insurance.

Are there restrictions on what types of food or beverages can be sold?

You may only sell food on your application.  The sale of alcoholic beverages of any kind is strictly prohibited.  



Booth Space:


What are the dimensions of the booth space?

There are a variety of sizes available ranging from 10x10 to 20x10.


Can we choose our booth location?

Yes, please email for more information.


Is electricity provided? If so, is there an extra cost?

Yes, 40 amp and 1 plug only is included with your vendor fee. You can purchase additional power for $150.


Setup and Tear-down:


What is the setup ? 

You may set up Friday, September 6 between the hours of 4PM - 8:30PM or Saturday, September 7 between the hours of 8:30AM - 1:00PM. 


What are the break down times?

You must break down immediately after the festival. 


Is there a designated load-in/load-out area and time?

Yes, a map will be emailed to all vendors where to load in, park and set up time. 


Are there any restrictions on vehicle access for setup?  

No, but if you are driving a big truck, we ask that you notify us. Additionally, we request that you unload and then park your vehicle.


Event Details:


What is the expected attendance?

4000 attendees


What is the demographic profile of attendees?

All ages



US Asian Fest will take place rain or shine!


Are there any specific rules or guidelines vendors need to follow during the event? 

Vendors may not sell any alcoholic beverages nor may they pass out flyers at the event. They must stay at their booth space. 


Promotion and Marketing:


How will the event be promoted, and what promotional opportunities are available for vendors?

Please see the application for details.


Can vendors distribute their promotional materials or samples?

Yes, as long as it is in your booth space.


Sales and Payment:


How are sales taxes handled?

Vendors must submit all sales taxes.  It is the vendor’s sole responsibility to learn, research, know and adhere to all vendor sales, permitting and licensing regulations/requirements in Loudoun County and the State of Virginia.


Is there a fee or percentage taken from sales?

No, vendors keep 100% of their sales.


Security and Safety:


Is there overnight security for vendors' equipment?

Yes, we will have security at the event, as well as overnight security the night before the event, but the event organizer will not be responsible for any damaged or stolen products/equipment.

Don’t miss this opportunity to be part of US ASIAN FEST, where culture, cuisine, and community
come together in a spectacular event.


We look forward to hearing from you!

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